U.S.S. Edison NCC-95160 Federation Temporal Warship (Eaglemoss | Hero Collector)

U.S.S. Edison NCC-95160 Federation Temporal Warship (Eaglemoss | Hero Collector)

Introducing the USS Edison NCC-95160 Federation Temporal Warship, an exquisite, hand-painted diecast ship model from Star Trek: The Official Starship Collection by Hero Collector | Eaglemoss. This stunning replica pays homage to the iconic Starfleet vessel that played a vital role in the temporal conflicts of the 2410s.

The USS Edison NCC-95160 belonged to the Edison-class temporal warship prototype, a remarkable joint venture developed through a groundbreaking four-way collaboration between Starfleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau, the Klingon Defense Force, the Romulan Republic Navy, and the Dominion's Jem'Hadar Vanguard Fleet. Vice Admiral S. J. Hemphill led this extraordinary project, showcasing the power of cooperation and unity among different powers, a true embodiment of Star Trek's vision.

From the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards emerged the USS Edison, boasting cutting-edge design and advanced temporal technologies, making it a formidable force in the 2410s. Eaglemoss has meticulously captured every detail in their diecast model, ensuring authenticity and an awe-inspiring addition to your collection.

The USS Edison's thrilling fleet maneuvers with three other temporal warships showcased coordinated power and precision, epitomizing the potential of cooperation between different species and factions, a recurring theme in the Star Trek universe.

With awe-inspiring temporal capabilities, the USS Edison appeared at New Khitomer in 2769 before returning to the 25th century, showcasing its role as a guardian of history and the Federation's timeline.

For Star Trek fans and dedicated Eaglemoss collectors, adding the USS Edison NCC-95160 to your collection is an absolute must. This finely crafted diecast ship model embodies the spirit of cooperation and exploration, allowing you to relive epic moments of temporal conflicts alongside other Star Trek models.

The USS Edison NCC-95160 Federation Temporal Warship Diecast Ship model from Eaglemoss is now available for purchase at Real Merch, the official destination for Eaglemoss collectibles. Elevate your Star Trek collection and immerse yourself in the wonder of temporal adventures.

In conclusion, the USS Edison NCC-95160 is a true marvel for both Hero Collector | Eaglemoss collectors and Star Trek enthusiasts. Celebrate unity and history with this extraordinary piece of Star Trek from Eaglemoss - a timeless addition to any collection!


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